Do it through me but it's still your sin
I want to taste it no consequences
We'll give each other our second chances

Ouija - Harley Poe

When the girl was alone the demon appeared to her and said, “What will you give me if I spin a room of straw into gold for you?”

“Nothing that I have could equal such a gift,” answered the girl.

“Then promise me, promise me, to give me your first child.”

“For a room of gold,” she replied, “I’ll give you my first and second. And for another room, my sister, my aunt, and our neighbor’s child. A room of gold surpasses even the riches of a king! I am sure that we could give you 22 babies by tonight and at least a dozen more next month. We’d even be willing to take a half room of gold for each if you buy 30 or more.”