I get up, than I get up again.

In the beginning, there was nothing, just aether, and void. And then there was me. That day prophet’s wept, the heavens darkened, storms raged, and blood was spilled.

It was a Monday.

You know, like the birth of any other hero, or at least – anti-hero.

What do you put in your bio, your hometown, your schooling, eh boring? I lived a life, it was sometimes good and sometimes bad. Mostly good these days- thank all gods, good, evil and benign.

There’s a labyrinthian obsession in my life. It surrounds me like infinite passages to voyages unknown . Everything that I see, hear, taste and touch; beats like a slow steady drum. Demanding to be Investigated and Devoured and Exorcised into new art and ideas.

I’m not one for words, so I visualize my daydreams, nightmares and create the faces of gods.

Reminds me of what it felt like to have Christ as my savior.

Nate LiptonCEO of GrowersHouse

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